We changed our name. We held the name Rock Paper since the doors opened on Pearl Street in 2011. We have grown and built a philosophy for our service and concept that the name no longer fit our style. We are so much more than a place to get a service done. We exemplify the true meaning of customer success but listening, nuturing and making you feel a part of our haus. We have thus recently changed our name to Schon Haus.

Schon Haus is inspired by the German surname which means Handsome and or Beauitful. We communicate our postive vibe simply stepping into our space because of the decor, the smiles and the curated detail that we put into our santuary. As people are getting treatments and services they are inspired by our design, creativity, unique eye and detail down to the very smallest thing.

Welcome to our Haus. 





510 Main Street

Medina, NY 14103